What We Bring to You

Pre-Construction Services

The benefit of having the general contractor involved in the early stages of the project planning and design is to establish a firm understanding of the project scope, budget, and the client’s objectives.  

Our goal at May River Contracting is to coordinate the project team to ensure that the information flows freely to all parties and we are able to identify all long lead items, scheduling issues, constructibility, and aggressively provide a comprehensive budget estimate so that the project meets and exceeds the Client’s needs in terms of quality, cost and on-time delivery.

Conceptual Estimating

May River we will provide the client with pricing relative to the current stage of the project from a conceptual budget prepared from design development sketches and understanding the design intent, to a comprehensive final pricing book with full subcontractor and supplier quotes as back-up.  We take responsibility for maintaining the budget through-out the pre-construction and construction process and will manage this critical portion of the job aggressively to give the client the most accurate and competitively priced project using the best subcontractors for each project.

Constructability & Budget comparison

A May River project executive will attend design meetings throughout the various stages of development and will provide the team with an assessment of the design concepts relative to cost, scheduling, material selections, maintenance, and function with respect to the requirements of the project.

Our assessment will be based on review of the site, existing building conditions, and construction practices relative to the project location.  We will evaluate the existing mechanical and electrical systems and work closely with the project engineers and our subcontractor support team to provide the most cost effective and efficient systems for our Client.

Scheduling & Strategies

We provide a comprehensive CPM construction schedule using  Microsoft Project Software which will interface with the client’s milestone dates and incorporate their vendors into the master project schedule.  

This schedule is created by assembling a detailed breakdown of each activity with durations for specific tasks so that the progress or the job can be tracked and the impact of changes and delays can be evaluated and necessary corrective action can be taken as early as possible.